Ingrid and Roger in the glass room

Two Fall 2019 Classes

Now that the frantic rush to get art finished and shipped for the Aspen Art Show is done (whew!), the studio has calmed down a bit. I get to sleep more (OK, I’m sleeping just as much as I did before, it’s just with fewer interruptions now) and Roger’s been spending time in the back…

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Four New Pieces—Winter 2018 Update

So I may have been hasty with the criticism in my last post. I’m rarely wrong, but when it does happen, I admit it. For example, that one time in 2013, I was happy to concede that it wasn’t a bunny I chased up the tree. It was the neighbor’s cat. Who knew that bunnies…

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A Chicago Class—Fall 2018 Update

I hope everyone’s had a Happy Thanksgiving. I’m sure I would have, but I never got any turkey. It’s apparently bad for my digestion. Meat? Bad for a dog’s digestion? Whatever. In happier news, I did get to go somewhere this summer! Off to the beach with Roger! Just look at how happy we both…

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Fall Class in 2018

Anyone in the Bay Area who would like to take Roger’s famous (infamous?) Images in Glass class? Now’s your chance! That’s right! Roger’s off and away from me again, this time to California at the Bullseye Resource Center from September 6-10, 2018. Again, this popular class will feature a final and fifth half day of…

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Winter 2017 Update from Ingrid

Roger tends to take longer to create his pieces these days, but he’s still making some amazing work. This is from one of his newest pieces, and is called Isthmus, which is hard for humans to say, let along dogs.   He started with an image of adorable moi and a previous palette for inspiration,…

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Pacific ArtGlass logo

Lecture at Pacific ArtGlass

On Sunday, October 4th, at 1pm, Roger will be giving a lecture at Pacific ArtGlass in Los Angeles during their 11th Annual Glass Fest and Open House. In a lecture titled “What Am I Looking At?” Roger will talk about how he’s made a near 40-year living out of working with glass and creating his…

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