Ingrid and Roger in the glass room

Two Fall 2019 Classes

Now that the frantic rush to get art finished and shipped for the Aspen Art Show is done (whew!), the studio has calmed down a bit. I get to sleep more (OK, I’m sleeping just as much as I did before, it’s just with fewer interruptions now) and Roger’s been spending time in the back yard killing blackberries and clearing the paths so that I can chase cats more efficiently.

Now we’re gearing up for Roger’s fall classes. He’ll be teaching two this year, one at Ed Hoy’s International in Chicago from October 21 – 25, 2019, and one at the Bullseye Resource Center in Santa Fe from November 5 – 9, 2019.

Ed Hoy's International logo

Ed Hoy’s is always incredibly welcoming and wonderful, and they make sure he has a blender for his smoothies when he stays there. He’s never taught at Bullseye in Santa Fe before, but he’s enjoyed his classes here in Portland and in the Bay Area so much that he’s sure to have a good time. (Shout out to Jennica!)

Bullseye Glass logo

So if anyone is interested and is in the neighborhood of Chicago and Santa Fe this fall, check out the classes! He’ll be teaching Images in Glass at both, and each student gets to leave with four completed samples. Check out the Classes page to read more about Images in Glass and see if it’s the right class for you. You can learn from one of the best and then show your art off to your friends and family when you’re done! Plus, you get to have fun with Roger, which is always a bonus, no matter what you’re doing.

Ingrid and her tree
Here I am enjoying one of my favorite trees. I’m pretty sure there’s a cat up there.

Meanwhile, I’ll be here. Sleeping, barking at nothing in the back yard, and waiting for Roger to come home.