Roger’s Show at Raven Gallery in Aspen – July 2019

Opus 594 Closing Skies fused glass artwork by Roger Thomas
Opus 594 Closing Skies

Roger’s been cranky recently because he’s had to make three new pieces for a show that’s coming up at the end of July. You would think that this would make him happy and excited, but it hasn’t. (I secretly think he loves the drama, but don’t tell him I said that.) At the studio, it’s been nothing but buying glass, cutting glass, and firing glass. Jenny has arrived at the undogly (get it?!) hour of 8 AM on Saturdays and Sundays sometimes to make component trees, build crates, and complete paperwork. She’s even come over after her other job at seven at night. Her devotion to the cause is magnificent. I’m thinking the dulcet sounds of a panel saw and drill at those hours on weekends and weeknights hasn’t made the neighbors too happy, but we’ve all worked through the pain and voila! Three new pieces in two and a half months!

Opus 592 Granite Flow fused glass artwork by Roger Thomas
Opus 592 Granite Flow

Roger’s work will be part of the 2019 Art Aspen show which is put on by the same group that does SOFA. The dates are July 25th thru the 28th. (Another hilarious aspect to this story is that the gallery told Roger the art needed to be at the gallery on the drop-dead date of July 20th. Roger saw the July 25th – 28th dates and pointed out that he’d had almost a whole other week to work! I’m thinking Anne from Raven Gallery is very smart and knows artists and their spectacular procrastination techniques…) Anne will be adding info to the shows section of the Artsy platform as well as the Raven Gallery website. She won’t be able to add photos of the show until they’ve set up all of the work, so I’ll update with another post including those images. For now, just enjoy his new art (I’ll post the third image as soon as Jenny gets it loaded to the computer See above!), and if you have a chance and happen to be in Colorado, check out the show!

Opus 593 Distant Gold fused glass artwork by Roger Thomas
Opus 593 Distant Gold

Meanwhile, I sleep. (My devotion to the cause takes other forms.) I sometimes wander over to the packing and shipping area to give moral support, get a rubdown, and see what’s happening, but I don’t like the sound of the panel saw no matter what the hour, so I usually head back to my doggy bed and dream of chasing balls and rabbits.

I contemplate how
one recycles a cat…

In more important matters at the studio, I’ve been cranky just because I’m an old German Shepherd and none of the cats who have decided to live in my yard will let me catch them.