Op 567 Parapet & Horizon glass artwork Roger Thomas

Classes for Fall and Winter 2016

Op 309 Museum of the Milky Way glass artwork by Roger V. ThomasRoger’s getting ready to start teaching again.

First up is a design and composition class that Roger first taught as a three-hour version in August of 2015 at Ed Hoy outside of Chicago. It was so popular that they asked him back to teach what we’re calling Design for Fused Glass Imagery at the beginning of October. (He had the word “philosophy” worked in there initially. I managed to talk him out of that and simplify it somewhat. You’re welcome.)

The second round of classes will be held at Pacific ArtGlass in California. He’ll be teaching his Images in Glass class first. Always popular, this class teaches you a variety of Roger’s techniques and gets you on the track for creating your own paintings in glass. After Images–if you’re ready–there’s the five-day Projects Class, where you can start your own glass project. You can learn from your peers as well as from Roger, and you’ll get hands-on experience at one of the best-stocked glass suppliers and teaching venues on the west coast.

The third class is another Images in Glass class at Uroboros in November. This is an abbreviated three-day version where you’ll leave class with three different samples of artwork.

For more information, check out descriptions and venues on the Classes page.

2 thoughts on “Classes for Fall and Winter 2016

    • Hi Linda! Roger is teaching The Projects Class at Pacific ArtGlass from May 1 – 5 and Images in Glass at the Bullseye Resource Center in Portland, OR from July 21 – 25. We don’t have any classes scheduled yet for fall and winter, but we’ll keep you updated!

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