Fall Class in 2018

Anyone in the Bay Area who would like to take Roger’s famous (infamous?) Images in Glass class? Now’s your chance! That’s right! Roger’s off and away from me again, this time to California at the Bullseye Resource Center from September 6-10, 2018. Again, this popular class will feature a final and fifth half day of…

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Winter 2017 Update from Ingrid

Roger tends to take longer to create his pieces these days, but he’s still making some amazing work. This is from one of his newest pieces, and is called Isthmus, which is hard for humans to say, let along dogs.   He started with an image of adorable moi and a previous palette for inspiration,…

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Op.548 Roger Thomas glass artwork Gloaming Hollows blog feature detail

Roger’s Going to SOFA!

by Ingrid the Studio Dog   Of course, this means he’s leaving me. From November 6th – November 9th, to be exact, he’ll be in Chicago with PISMO Fine Art Glass and Sandy Sardella. That’s nearly FOUR whole days. He doesn’t seem to care. He’s all “SOFA this…” and “SOFA that…”, and “OMG, what am…

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The THicket glass artwork by Roger V Thomas

Roger’s working on a new piece!

And you know what that means… That’s right. No love for the Ingrid. But even I have to admit it looks good. We were out for a walk the other day. I prefer the parks, so I can chase balls and squirrels, but walking along the Columbia Slough is nice, too. And sometimes we head…

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Ingrid is bored and watches YouTube

With Roger teaching so much these days, I’ve been a little bored. Admittedly, I’ve spend a lot of time on YouTube. But I don’t watch silly videos with cats. I watch videos of REAL dogs. And this is one of my favorites: IngridIngrid the Studio Dog says she is Roger’s companion, advisor, and motivator. OK….

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A most disturbing occurrence.

By Ingrid the Studio Dog Recently, the yard has been acquiring some other animals. I don’t want to name any names, but someone has been sneaking in and putting things in my yard. This is Zippy the Zombie Squirrel. He scares me. He’s a yard light, of all things. And aren’t you lucky? You get two…

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