A Chicago Class—Fall 2018 Update

See how much I enjoy the beach? (I’m the one on the left.)

I hope everyone’s had a Happy Thanksgiving. I’m sure I would have, but I never got any turkey. It’s apparently bad for my digestion. Meat? Bad for a dog’s digestion? Whatever.

In happier news, I did get to go somewhere this summer! Off to the beach with Roger! Just look at how happy we both are. Of course, he left me a month later to teach a class at the Bullseye Resource Center in the Bay Area, so I’m pretty sure the beach trip was just a bribe. Meh. I’ll take it.

While in California, he had many adventures with someone named Jennica. I’m not sure who she is, or if she even likes dogs. (He never seeks my approval of his new friends, but am I allowed to meet new friends in the park? Chase after them? Nip playfully at their heels? Particularly when they steal my ball? No. Of course not. That’s frowned upon. The double standard around the Roger Thomas Glass studio is unbearable sometimes.)

Look at the amazing doggy art!

Anyway, Jennica took him to her favorite antique store, where he found the most beautiful stained glass. My little doggy soul is horrified that all he did was take a photo of it. How could he not purchase this brilliant piece of art? I realize it’s of chihuahuas, and it probably wouldn’t fit in my garage door window onto the driveway. (Yes, I have my own garage door window onto the driveway. It’s just my height. It’s so I can see the UPS guy, mailman, cats, etc. and bark at them appropriately until I’ve successfully gotten rid of them. What? Doesn’t every dog have one?) But still. Look at the art. At least I can admire the photo and at least know that it’s out there somewhere, being loved and adored by another true art aficionado.

He’s leaving again to teach Images in Glass at Ed Hoy’s in Chicago next fall. Yes. In October. The dates are tentatively set at October 21 – 24, but they may change. I’ll keep you updated if they do. I’m not complaining yet that he’s leaving because it’s nearly a whole year away. I’m sure there will be plenty of drama over the glass order, lots of discussion about which new pictures need to go into the slideshow and lecture, and lots of organization (again!) of the class outline. I think it’s his favorite thing to do—either that, or he’s just avoiding working on glass in the studio.