Four New Pieces—Winter 2018 Update

So I may have been hasty with the criticism in my last post. I’m rarely wrong, but when it does happen, I admit it. For example, that one time in 2013, I was happy to concede that it wasn’t a bunny I chased up the tree. It was the neighbor’s cat. Who knew that bunnies couldn’t climb?

I’m also a bit embarrassed because I should have posted this last winter, and it’s already summer. Oh well. Sometimes a dog just doesn’t have the time to write and work on the computer like she should.

Birch trees glass art
Sometimes you just can’t see the forest for the trees.

Roger has been working on four (yes, four!) new pieces. One of them is something of a commission, which is always entertaining, because it usually takes all three of us (we let Jenny in on the conversation during sensitive discussions about art) to interpret what the client is seeing, what the gallery is seeing, and what Roger is seeing. So the client says, “I like something like this,” and shows us a previous piece. Only then they point out the things they don’t like about it, and what they would prefer, and then it becomes a bit tricky.

Summer Mist glass artwork by Roger Thomas
Op 561 Summer Mist

Happily, I think we’ve got this one all sorted. The inspiration is Summer Mist, only skinnier, without the “scrim” on the front (that foggy, hazy atmosphere that Roger’s created), and with some water. So the palette is good, the birch trees and branches are good, and the shrubbery is good. And the gallery would prefer something horizontal as well. So off he goes with those two projects.

The third work is what Jenny calls a “butter birch” and Roger calls a Zen snow palette. It doesn’t really matter (though they will argue about it on a regular basis) because it’s one of his most popular color schemes. He’s also mastered the art of “more clumpy” in this palette, which means his trees grow in attractive little groves instead of being spread evenly throughout the work. I believe the technical artistic term for this is “negative space,” but we tend to avoid those fancy phrases for some reason.

Rocks being made from glass. (Usually it’s the other way around, isn’t it?)

The fourth piece is a blue and yellow birch piece that Jenny and Roger have a lot of fun with because Jenny yells, “Make water!” and Roger says, “I will!” and then they laugh and laugh.

I don’t get it.

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  1. I love Op 561 Summer Mist! Is it already sold? What’s the price?

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