New commission and palette from Roger Thomas

Summer 2017 Updates from Ingrid (and Roger…)

It’s been a long, hot summer already here at Roger Thomas Glass.

Seriously. It hits 80 degrees before noon, and for a large, black dog of my stature who is used to Pacific Northwest summers? That is not cool. I spend a lot of my time sprawled out on the cement floor in the middle of the studio.

Roger’s been doing a lot of work in the “back yard”–the new property behind the studio that he is determined to make into something of an awkward cross between a Zen garden and one of Darwin’s “survival of the fittest” experiments. Not that I know anything about Zen or Darwin, but I hear him throw those words around a lot while he’s also throwing his arms around a lot as he’s explaining it to those human things he calls his friends. And really. It just seems awkward.

But as long as the crazy neighbor cats can still wiggle their way under the chain link fence and I can chase them out again…? I don’t care what he does. Survival of the fittest, indeed. (Insert evil doggy laugh here…)

So the “real” news from Roger Thomas Glass…

Details from new commission from Roger Thomas
Some juicy details we love. Wonder where they’re going to end up?

Roger’s also been working on a couple of commissions. The first is using one of his traditional (old-school) Asian frames with one of his newer palettes. It’s using purple and yellow, which hasn’t been as crazy popular as some of his other palettes, but he’s also adding some of the lovely new greens from Bullseye into the mix, and it looks pretty incredible.

And, oddly enough, the second is using one of his traditional (old-school) palettes with a new frame design. So he’s all about mixing it up these days.

Other than that, he has a class coming up in September at Prairie Studio Glass in Winnipeg. It’s one of his popular Images in Glass classes, where the students go home with four finished pieces of work, and get the bonus day with a peer and Roger critique session.

Once upon a time, when he was teaching in Winnipeg, he got stuck in Canada because his bag with his passport in it got stolen. The amazing Lucinda at Prairie Studio Glass ended up driving him down to Fargo, ND because you can cross the border with a driver’s license while in a car, but you can’t do it while flying. He spent a lovely afternoon in Fargo waiting for his flight out. I have an awesome Fargo, ND dog collar now because of that adventure!

Oh. Wait. No, I don’t. Because he apparently wasn’t thinking of me at all on that trip. Whatever. Have fun in Winnipeg, Rog.

4 thoughts on “Summer 2017 Updates from Ingrid (and Roger…)

  1. I love these new works. The color combination is very satisfying.

    Thank you!!!

  2. Hi Ingrid,

    Tell Roger that the new colour pallet is very soothing. Me likely!

    I am sorry that he is leaving you to come to WPG. We’ll be nice to him… after all we are Canadian… sorry. I’m looking forward to seeing him and picking his brain, or maybe just having that fire lit under my butt.

    Looks like you’re missing the rabbit chase in your yard Ingrid, I can send a bunch home with Roger. Bobby and Jack say they are good eatin’ and fun to catch.

    • Rabbits? Yes, please!
      He’ll definitely inspire you. Have a great time! And I’ll let him know!

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