Op 416 Veiled Aspen Wb

Veiled Aspen glass artwork by ROger V Thomas


Veiled Aspen

Two glass panels 17″ high x 26″ wide.
Frame 34” high x 67” wide.

A favorite of the Asian-style frames, nicknamed the “Pinus” after the title of the first piece made for it. Typically sized at 44” high by 84” wide, with glass panels at 22” by 33,” the client requested a smaller version to hang in her bedroom above her bed. The entire frame was rescaled and downsized, even using smaller diameter aluminum tubes so that the frame did not become too heavy and overwhelm the glass.

She also chose the gray/blue “birch noir” graphics. The birch in snowstorm has become one of my most popular palettes because of its simple drama.

We affectionately call the piece the “mini-Pinus”.

Photo credit Bill Bachhuber.


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