Of Birds and Trains

One of my favorite parts about my morning walks with Roger are the solemn, serene moments that we share together along the Columbia Slough. We see wildlife enjoying the dawn, say hello to the bike commuters and joggers, and I have the run of the entire trail all to myself.

And then there are the sorts of walks like we had this morning: ¬†Geese gone wild, trains barreling down the tracks, and me at a loss as to how to control it all. Surprisingly, this happens all the time. And there’s not one puppy-dog thing I can do about it…

2 thoughts on “Of Birds and Trains

  1. I am interested in buying one of your works. Do you have any Cherry Blossom works or works of Bamboo. What are your prices and are you showing any of your works in Florida? Thanks

    • Hi Judith,

      Roger does have a couple of cherry pieces available right now, but he’s never done anything in bamboo before (it would be a neat idea!). A large diptych is available at Petris Fine Arts in California, and two smaller (34″ x 13″) pieces at his Portland gallery. We can send you images for those if you like.

      Unfortunately, he isn’t showing his art in Florida, but he just made a visit there, so how coincidental that you asked! We’ll keep you updated if he finds a gallery.

      Thanks so much for getting in touch!

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