Roger has new classes coming up.

The ones in Winnipeg went so well that Roger has decided to schedule some more. One at Vitrum Studios on the East Coast in October and three at Pacific Art Glass on the West Coast in January.

I adore Judith Conway at Vitrum. She has two dogs and they say hello to me on email a lot, and whenever she comes to visit Roger she brings treats for me. Vitrum is also selling some of Roger’s pieces through their studio.

Pacific Art Glass is one of Roger’s favorite places to teach. They let him do all his crazy projects classes with roll ups and he visits all his friends, like Scott FitzGerald, the fantastic painter and printmaker.

Of course, all this means for me is that he’ll be leaving me again. 

Ingrid the Studio Dog says she is Roger’s companion, advisor, and motivator. OK. That last part she made up. She mostly sleeps. Until it’s time to bark at/intimidate the UPS man, mailman, or cat. And even then she’s darn cute doing it.

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