Op559 Dreamland web

Dreamland glass artwork by Roger V Thomas

New Work


Raven Glass Gallery
Aspen, CO

Glass, 19 by 38 inches.
Frame, 28 by 47.

Can you make an image of a forest without trees? What color is the alchemy of a woods? Blue of sky, yellow of sunlight, green of life? How much of a canopy can you hold in your mind’s eye at one time? So little as to see a leaf, enough to feel the earth breathe. Close your eyes. Think of the trees. Watch them step forward, one after another.


Ingrid the Studio Dog says she is Roger’s companion, advisor, and motivator. OK. That last part she made up. She mostly sleeps. Until it’s time to bark at/intimidate the UPS man, mailman, or cat. And even then she’s darn cute doing it.

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