Op 483-485 combined Wb

Sycamore Fantasy Left, Sycamore Center, Sycamore Quilt glass artwork by Roger V Thomas


Sycamore Fantasy Left, Sycamore Center, Sycamore Quilt

Frames 40” high x 30” wide.
Glass panels 31″ high x 21″ wide.

This is part of a fantastic three-piece project that brought together many elements of my work. The client had three shallow, arched alcoves in the wall ascending the slightly curved staircase (see image below) and wanted something that gave the illusion of trees outside of windows. Preferring Southern California trees, the client requested sycamore foliage instead of the usual maple, and I adapted a saw and spent several days cheerfully “creating” larger, showier sycamore leaves. A throw pillow from a sofa was even mailed to the studio so I could find the favorite color of red that the client liked.

The three pieces in situ.

The depth of the pieces is remarkable—not just visually but physically as well. The panels are over an inch and a half thick and even the already custom-made “wiggle wire” frames had to be adapted once we realized the glass would no longer fit.

Photo credit Bill Bachhuber.


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