Op. 242 Verdant Dell Wb

Verdant Dell glass artwork by Roger V Thomas


Verdant Dell

Three glass panels, various sizes.
Frame 38” high by 74” wide.

Verdant Dell is a custom commission for a bronze-toned spa facility. The “Big Twig” frame was designed specifically to fit into the space and the frame color was also a custom request, slightly different from the copper-colored frames that I usually work with. It complements the rose-colored shadows of the trees perfectly.

The weather looks nice from here…or is it? I chose to keep my options open—it could be late summer or early fall, and it could be a lovely Pacific Northwest drizzle or the sun dappling the leaves.

As part of the “face down” process I use to build my pieces, the risk is always there that something gets missed. In this case? A tree in one of the panels has a reversed shadow. Can you find it?

Photo credit Bill Bachhuber.


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