Dreamland glass artwork by Roger V Thomas

Classes for Fall and Winter 2015

Ingrid the Studio Dog not happy with Roger
I am utterly forlorn…

Roger’s working hard at it again. Working hard at leaving me behind, that is.

After a hectic summer that’s included lots of throwing glass around for our new gallery in Aspen, Raven Glass Gallery, and lots of classes, including one fun one at Grace Art Camp here in Portland, Roger’s off on more adventures teaching classes in California and Canada.

First up, he heads to Pacific Art Glass in Los Angeles for their Open House on October 3, 2015. (He gets to give a lecture that day as well, which we all know is such his favorite thing!) Then he’s teaching Images in Glass there from October 10 – 12, and The Projects Class from October 6 – 9. The Projects Class is one of those special Pacific Art Glass-only classes since they have about 50 kilns and an entire studio filled with about every type of glass possible. (I may exaggerate on the kilns. I don’t know for sure. But since I’m a dog and never get to go with him when he teaches these classes, how am I supposed to know?)

Then he’s heading off to Prairie Studio Glass in Winnipeg for another Images in Glass class November 7 – 9, and Thinking Painting, Using Fusing November 13 – 16. Thinking Painting, Using Fusing is very similar to The Projects Class since you get to work on your own project, but there’s a bit more prep work with Roger so that he can see what you’re thinking about creating first and then help both you and Prairie get more prepared.

For winter, he’ll be teaching at our very own Uroboros Glass here in Portland from February 26 – 28. It’s another Images in Glass class and they’ve been filling up fast!

For more information and the class descriptions, check out his Classes page. (Links to the venue sites to register are there, too!)

As a side note, he’ll be teaching a new, shorter version of his Images in Glass class. It’s three days and three samples, but you still get all the same bad jokes, curmudgeonly behavior, wit, and charm that comes with the four day, four sample class. Oh. And all of Roger’s talent and knowledge as well. I almost forgot that part.

So my apologies, Abe, May, and Haleigh. I won’t be able to see you this time either.

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  1. Dear Ingrid. What a struggle you have with this two-legged you are charged with managing. And so noble are you, grinning and standing by your man no matter what. Sigh.

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