Roger's art work at the Navy Pier at SOFA

Roger’s Back from SOFA, and All Is Right With the World

by Ingrid the Studio Dog

Carmen’s art

He did send in reports while he was at SOFA. I was relaxing on my freshly cleaned bedding (he feels guilty before he goes on a trip, and washes my various towels and rugs before he leaves), and he was busy schmoozing and entertaining, but he did manage to share. Something about this woman named Carmen Vetter, who is a local glass artist.

I say “local” only because Roger says she lives in Portland. Hmph. Does she live in the Piedmont Neighborhood? Kenton? Anywhere in NoPo?

No? Then she’s not local. “Local” is how far you can throw a tennis ball. Everyone knows that. Except for Roger, apparently.

But Carmen does make amazing glass art, and was belle of the ball (deservedly so, and only because I wasn’t there) at SOFA.

He also ran into Kat Hartley from Uroboros. (Yes. That Kat. She-Who-Likes-Cats Kat. I still don’t hold it against her. Promise.) Dan and Lani were there from Bullseye, of course, and stopped by to say hello, along with Lance and Amanda from OATKA, where he’s taught several classes, and he also saw Jerre Davidson, a long ago student from Vitrum who has done amazing work with nature.


Roger encountered buskers in the subways of Chicago, developed blisters from walking to Navy Pier, and generally had a fabulous time. Did I develop blisters? No. Did I even have the opportunity to develop blisters walking around Chicago? No.

Did I get to bark at buskers? Ride on the subway? Visit Navy Pier? No.

Bubblegum Moose from Roger's hotel room
Bubblegum Moose


None of this matters to Roger. He only sent along pictures and videos to taunt me. I’m sure they were meant to comfort me, but when he shows me pictures of moose with bubble gum, I don’t really feel comforted. I just want to bark at the moose. (And I don’t get bubble gum… Peanut butter, yes. But no bubble gum.)


Even an amazing (yes, even I have to admit it…) amazing picture of his artwork from the catwalk of the Navy Pier didn’t comfort me. I probably would’ve stood up there and admired it, too. If it weren’t a catwalk.

Honestly. Does anyone even hear the words coming out of their mouths? Has anyone named anything a dogwalk? No?


Roger's art work at the Navy Pier at SOFA
Roger’s art work from the catwalk at SOFA


4 thoughts on “Roger’s Back from SOFA, and All Is Right With the World

  1. Hello Ingrid
    I can appreciate how you feel. I am Patricia’s Airedale named Emma. My Patricia lives in Manitoba, Canada and is also a glass artist. She does not go to SOFA but she works and tries to get into her studio and do glass work. She took two workshops with Roger and is always gushing about how much she learned from him and how she wishes she could do another workshop with him. I sometimes get tired of hearing this as I am always here, keeping her company when she works in her studio, when she is playing her music really loudly and singing (very off key) but she feels no one will hear (except me). Sometimes also she cannot take me on my walks along the railway line in Balmoral, Manitoba, because she is working!! So George has to do this. I miss her being at home all the time when she was “retired” but now she wants to extend her studio and has gone back to “work”, as if she did not work in her studio. I just wanted you to know that you are not the only dog who has a glass artist in tow. You look like a really great dog and I think I would like to hang out with you. We can go hunting for things and just running wild.

    • Hi Emma,

      I’m so sorry that it’s taken me so long to get back to you. I have a very intense schedule of walks and naps that I like to keep, and it doesn’t give me as much time to maintain my blog as I’d like.

      I’m so happy that Patricia enjoyed her workshop with Roger! He can be surprisingly charming and you’re right–he is very smart about glass, and also a very good teacher. After listening to him go on and on about it in the studio all day, I could probably fuse some glass together at this point, and I don’t even have opposable thumbs. Luckily, he leaves his frit jars open and all of his tools laying messily about, so I wouldn’t have to open anything.

      It’s very nice to meet you, Emma, and we should definitely go hunting and running. Cats are my favorite, but I’ll chase squirrels and rabbits, too! I hope that Patricia’s new studio is going well!

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