The demands on the studio dog are great.

Hello all! I’ve returned from my spa weekend at the Dog House. A fabulous place. I was told I was a “good girl” many times (as if this were news–I’m always a good girl) and had long discussions with a Doberman about Rupert, my favorite toy.

He claimed Rupert was his.

I disagreed.

Anyway, I had barely recovered from my hectic spa time when I was told that I would have to write an entry for my new blog on the Roger Thomas Glass site.

I’ve been looking forward to this for months! The chance to tell everyone what really goes on at Roger Thomas Glass? How Roger watches YouTube videos of theremin players instead of designing new frames? How he avoids creating art by decorating his garden with plastic horses and bizarre squirrel yard lights? (Trust me. More on this later.) And then, once the inspiration really does strike, will spend hours ignoring me and flinging frit around?

I couldn’t wait to get started and tell all.

But when I was told there would be no walk or ball throwing until said entry was finished? You can imagine my outrage.

Prairie Stained Glass and School of Craft LogoSo it’s only a short entry. An introduction of me and the Roger Thomas Glass Studio. Roger’s off in Winnipeg. (Yes, Canada. I’ve never met any Canadian dogs, but I’ve heard they’re very nice. And have a thing for maple leaves.) He’s teaching at Prairie Stained Glass and School of Craft and is having a wonderful time. The class is going well and he’s looking forward to the second one.

Meanwhile, I’m left to guard the studio. I scared off the UPS man just this morning! Jenny, the studio manager, is here and yelled at me. I may have carried on a bit too long, but he was most obnoxious and had the nerve to drop a box off inside my house. I don’t know how people put up with it.

Other than that, Jenny is lovely. Although today she brought her dog with her–a wretched little Blue Heeler who doesn’t like me for some reason. I could easily kill her, but I doubt Jenny or Roger would approve, so I restrain myself. Amy and Tyler at Reigning Pets NW takes care of me when Jenny’s not here. They give me peanut butter and tell me what a good girl I am.

And I am. I’m a very good girl.

One thought on “The demands on the studio dog are great.

  1. You are a verrrrry good girl Ingrid (and beautiful too!) It was such a pleasure meeting you in June. I wanted to take your master away in January to teach a class in Sedona but I see that he has 3 already planned in So. California. I’ll try to talk my students into going to Pacific Glass to take his class. Be sure and give him a nuzzle from me when he gets home.

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