Roger loves Uroboros and Kats. I don’t hold it against him.

I was out walking my Roger this morning and we ran into Kat.

Not a real cat. Trust me. I know the difference. Roger’s been talking to me about the real ones. Mostly: “LEAVE IT,” he explained. Tee hee. I paraphrased Ring Lardner. Pretty smart for a dog…

Anyway, Kat is not a cat, but she likes them. It’s OK. She likes me, too. She brought me treats once. I tend to remember these things. Treats are very important to a dog.logo_uroboros_small

Kat and Roger are friends and she works at Uroboros and they talk a lot about glass and glass colors and Roger throws temper tantrums because he thinks that whenever he likes a color, they automatically discontinue it because of course the world revolves around him… So then Kat is really nice and saves him the last few bottles of evergreen frit or sage green frit or whatever it is.

I can’t even see colors. Does he even once consider that?

They also talked about streaky glass. Roger has a big commission coming up and will need lots of black streaky for his birch trees. But it was still glass talk. Blah, blah, blah…

They never once said anything important. No talk of squirrels, no mention of cats (the small, furry ones, I mean), not even the smallest discussion of treats.

I’m pretty sure I would have remembered that.

4 thoughts on “Roger loves Uroboros and Kats. I don’t hold it against him.

  1. Hi Ingrid, my name is Haleigh and I live in Los Angeles and I am more than one year old. Anyway, my person (I call her mom) has been reading your blog out loud to me at bedtime and she thought maybe I would like to tell you about myself. I am a German Shepherd too. I live with two other dogs, Beau and Erica. They are older than me but we are all very close to each other. Mom says I am the obstreperous one. I think that means I am interested in everything. Mom says I don’t have to put every last thing in my mouth. Where else would I put stuff? It sounds like you lead an exciting life. Do you get to chase things a lot?

    • Oh, I have heard of you!

      BTW, very hard to hold down shift key with paw when been texting so long…
      Your Mom came by to meet me (and talk to what’s-his-name) and petted me a lot.
      So there… Let’s go run in the park!!
      Smell ya later!


  2. Hi Ingrid!

    Thank you for the nice compliments! I had no idea I’d made your blog. I will have to remember to bring you some special treats the next time I see you! You are absolutely right that treats are important and of course I like dogs.


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